About Eagle Radiators

Eagle Radiators Products are well known in the after market by its quality performance and service. We undertake subcontracting work for leading OE Radiator manufactures of Auto mobile, Agricultural, industrial, Genset and Construction equipments. Eagle Radiators owns in house manufacturing facility to produce copper- Brass radiators. Inter coolers, after coolers and oil coolers for Auto Mobile to heavy Radiators application in industrial, Earth Moving upto 2500 KVA Genset.

Eagle Radiators undertake bulk supplies as per customer drawing and also take even a single order as per customer requirements. We also supply Radiator parts as per market requirement.

The company has fins and tube machines for different core configuration to optimize heat transfer. The tubes are made with solder coated to prevent rusting inside the tube and get long life. We have the precision testing facility for all the radiators irrespective of its sizes.
We have well experienced work force to take care of each stage of the process and take utmost care in maintaining quality in our products. Also we have well experienced technical consultants to take care of the design and development of products. Raw materials are purchased from genuine suppliers.
We are in the field of radiator manufacturing of all engine cooling systems for the past 23 years. The following are some of the bulk orders we undertook to the vendors a subcontracting basis for OE equipment manufactures

We also under take requirements of cores, sub assembly and components as per customer requirements of quality and quantity for after markets.
We have regular servicing and repair work orders for radiators in State transport corporations. We also undertake repairs and service of import and indigenous radiators and oil coolers we replace parts as per customer requirements.
Contact eagle Radiators for your cooling requirements and you will not be disappointed. We are here to take care of all your cooling problems.

Eagle Radiators is managed by well experienced technical and administrative persons.